About Us


Fair Rent - An end to rack-renting, which is the charging of extremely high rents in comparison to the actual value of the property and the average salary of the tenant.

The Idea

Like many of you, we have seen how the housing crisis has affected everyone in our society. So, we decided we wanted to do something to try and help those most vulnerable during this pivotal time in Irish history.

Across the month of September, we will be posting engaging, thought provoking content from some well known and some not so well-known Irish faces. The goal of this project is to raise much needed funding for Homeless Charities across Ireland and to begin a conversation where we give voices back to the people of Ireland, so that accommodation is no longer a luxury, but a basic right.

The Agenda

FairRent_ will stick to a 3-day posting schedule each week focusing on key themes across each day.  

Rewind Wednesdays – This will look at Ireland past and present, highlighting the issues that our Irish ancestors faced and how relevant they still are today.  

Collab Saturdays – A collaboration with some well-known Irish faces and asked them to express their feelings towards the current housing crisis in whatever format they felt comfortable.

Snippet Sundays – Emily Mullen, from District magazine, has delved into a long form editorial with interviews with everyday Irish people to share their stories. Each Sunday there will be a small snippet of the longer form piece for you to then go and read the final version on site.

How can you take part?

Start by going onto the FairRent_ Instagram page and following us to keep updated on all the content we will be promoting.

But the ultimate aim of the project is to raise funding. So we have teamed up with a local embroider based in Dublin to help create these lovely, high quality jumpers and sweaters available in Black or Grey with all profits going to charities battling homelessness across Ireland.

The Facts

The root cause of the homeless crisis in Ireland is the broken housing system. Ireland does not have a public housing system to meet the needs of the society. Provision of affordable public housing must form a key part of any country’s housing system. It acts as a safety net for families and individuals pushed out of the private rental market due to the high cost of renting or lack of housing.

In the last decade the lack of social housing provision combined with private house building grinding to a half has meant more people than ever are renting their homes. Almost 1 in 5 households now live in a privately rented home compared to 1 in 10 ten years ago. This has led to enormous pressure on the private rental market which has resulted in constantly rising rent levels and a lack of properties to rent.

Homeless charities help thousands of people every year. Sometimes that help comes in the form of a decent meal, sometimes it is advice that will prevent someone losing their home, sometimes it can be an offer of a new home at an affordable rent.

Help us raise awareness and much needing funding for the great work being done by Ireland's homeless charities by buying a geansaí of your choice.



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